Husband: William Rogers (1 2)
Born: about 1540 in of Watford, Northampton, England
Father: William Rogers
Mother: Joan
Wife: Eleanor (3)
01 (M): Thomas Rogers (4 5 6 7 8 9)
Born: before 1572 in Watford, Northhamptonshire, England
Died: 1621 in Plymouth Colony, Plymouth, MA
Spouses: Alice Cosford; Grace Makin
Additional Information

William Rogers:

Buried: 04 Aug 1585, Watford, Northampton, England


Buried: 23 May 1607, Long Buckby, Northampton, England

  1. Clifford L. Stott, The English Ancestry of the Pilgrim Thomas Rogers and his wife Alice (Cosford) Rogers (The Genealogist Vol. 10, No. 2; 1989).

    William Rogers, husbandman of Watford, born about 1540, buried there 4 [14?] August 1585, married as first wife Eleanor (----), buried at Long Buckby, co. Northampton 23 May 1607. She married (2) Watford 4 July 1586 William Lyne, who was buried at Long Buckby 16 April 1598. [22] His will, made 30 March 1598 and proved 28 April 1598, [23] left to his wife Ellyn, among other bequests, "all the bedding that she knoweth to be her own." This language suggests that she had been married previously and was very likely the widow of William Rogers.

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    William Rogers of Watford (1585) "In Dei Nomine Amen the XIIIth day of August Anno dom 1585 I willm Rogers of Watford in the county of Northton husbandman sicke in body but of whole and pfecte memory do make and ordeyne this my last will and testament in maner and form following first I bequeathe my soule into the hands of Almighty god my maker and to Jesus Christ my redeemer and to the holy ghost my sanctyfyer and my body to be buryed in the churchyard of Watford aforesaid Item I give and bequeath unto Thomas Rogers my eldest sonne one messuage with a little peece of ground joining to the same on the backside commonly called the cote and one quarter of land being in the neyther end field of Watford with all the appurtenances there unto belonging to enter upon the same messuage and quarter of land with appurtenances at twenty one years of his age and not before in the meantime my wife to have the occupation of it Item I give unto the same Thomas Rogers one gray colte and my beest kine to chuse the same at holy roodes of day commonly called thenvention of the holly crosse [20] nex ensuing the date hereof Item I give and bequeath unto the same Elizabeth Rogers my daughter one cowe and one lambe to be delivered unto hir at thenvention of the holy crosse next come twelve moneth which shalbe in the yeare of our lord god 1587 Item I give and bequeath unto Willm Rogers my sonne ten pounds of lawful Englishe money to be payed unto him at eighteen years of his age Item Igive unto the foresaid Willm Rogers my sonne the lease of one messuage or tenement wheron I now dwell and one halfe yard land unto the same belonging with all those pastures medowes feeding commons with all the appurtenances unto the same belonging lying in th towne or of field or fields of Watford aforesaid to enter upon the foresaid messuage half yard land with the appurtenances etc after the decease of Ellenor Rogers my wife at the endy of hir naturrall lyfe in the meantime the foresaid Ellenor to have and enioy the messuage halfe yard land with the appurtenances in as ample and large maner as is before specyfyed Item I give unto the sayd Willm Rogers my sonne three hyves commonly called his owne Provided always that yf it happen any of my foresaid children to decease before terme or tyme specyfyed or abouve specyfyed for payment or delivery of all and every of the foresaid porsions or legacyes that then they survivors or longer liver or livers to have the legacyes of the deceased equally devided ajongest and yf it happen all save one to decease then he or she to have and enioy all the whole legacyes of the deceased And yf it happa my children aforeayd to decease before the termes aforesaid then the legacyes to remayne with myne executrix Item I give and bequeath to Elizabeth Cole my sister xii [1] and to either of hir children iiii [1] a peece Item I give unto Willm Garle the sonne of Alexander Garle iiii [1] All the rest of my goods chattels moveable and unmoveable (illegible) unbequeathed my debts discharged I give unto Ellinor Rogers my wfye who I make my whole and sole executrix to fulfill this my last will and testament And I desire Robt Butler and Edward Rogers my brother to my overseers made in the psence of Robt Butler Robt Maddocke of Watford with others (proved 9 May 1586) [21] Inventory x1ij [li] xix[s] ij[d] William Rogers, the testator in 1553, had seven children, but only his son Edward is mentioned by name. That William Rogers in 1585 appointed his brother Edward an overseer shows that William was also a son of the elder William and one of the seven children.

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    Thomas Rogers was a camlet merchant. He bought a house on the Barbarasteeg in Leiden by 1617, having joined the English Separatists there in or after 1613, and he became a citizen of Leiden on 25 June 1618. He sold his house on April 1620, probably to prepare for removal to America. In the fall of 1620 he and his son Joseph sailed on the Mayflower and he was the eighteenth signer of the Mayflower Compact on 11 November 1620. Alice and the other children remained in Leiden, apparently expecting to join Thomas and Joseph later; they were still there in 1622, living in the home of Anthony Clements. Of the four surviving children, only his sons Joseph and John have so far been documented in New England records

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