Husband: Peter Noyes (1 2 3)
Born: 1592 in Penton Grafton, Hampshire, England
Died: 23 Sep 1657 in Sudbury, Middlesex, Massachusetts
Father: Richard Noyes
Mother: Mrs. Noyes
Wife: Elizabeth (4 5)
Born: 1594 in Weyhill Parish, Hampshire, England
Died: 1625
01 (F): Elizabeth Noyes (6 7)
Born: 1624/1625 in Foxcotte, Hampshire, England
Died: after 1649 in Sudbury, Middlesex, Massachusetts
Spouses: John Freeman; Josiah Haynes
Additional Information

Peter Noyes:


From Wayne Olsen, based on "History of Sudbury," by Alfred Serano Hudson, 1889, published by town of Sudbury:
"Peter Noyes came from England in the ship "Confidence" 1638. He is called "yeoman" in the ship's passenger list, but is repeatedly mentioned in the records of this country as "gentleman;" and the term "Mr." is often applied. After a short stay in America, he returned to England, but came back the next year in the ship "Jonathan,", with , it is supposed, other children, viz., Nicholas, Dorothy, Abigail, and Peter; also the servants John Waterman, Richard Barnes and William Street. Mr. Noyes was a freeman May 13, 1640, a selectman 18 years, and represented the town at the General Court in 1640, 41, and 50. He died Sep 23, 1657. Three years before his death he gave his estate in England to his son Thomas. The day before his death he made a will in which he made his son Thomas his executor, and named the following other children: Peter, Joseph, Elizabeth (wife of Josiah Haynes), Dorothy (wife of John Haynes), Abigail ( wife of Thomas Plympton, his daughter-in-law Mary (wife of his son Thomas, and his kinsman Shadrach Hapgood. The Noyes have lived in various parts of the town. The mill on the west side was built by them. Prominent members of the family are buried in the Old Burying Ground, Wayland."

Much of "Puritan Village, The Formation of a New England Town" is about Peter Noyes and his yeoman role in creating the town of Sudbury. Author is Sumner Chilton Powell, Publ by Wesleyan Univ. Press, Hanover, NH,1963. Won Pulitzer Prize for History in 1964.

From "Genealogical Record of Some of the Noyes Descendants of James, Nicholas & Peter Noyes," by Col. Henry E. Noyes USA & Miss Harriette E.Noyes, Boston, MA 1904:

"...He was one of the first settlers of Sudbury, one writer says "probably the first Englishman who built a habitation west of the then boundary of Watertown" - one of the most prominent and wealthy men of the town, one of the commissioners to lay out and divide the town.. There were 3 divisions of land - 1639, Apr 20 1640, and Nov 18, 1640, and his share was 16-32 and 24 acres. Freeman May 13, 1640. Selectman 18 or 21 years. Appointed Deputy to General Court May 13, 1640, Oct 7, 1641, and May 22, 1650. Deacon of first school. Appointed surveyor of arms at Sudbury , May 13, 1640. His will dated the day preceding his death mentions all his children except Nicholas; his wife's name was Abigail." Abigail was probably the second wife based on information from the Powell book.

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