Dungeon Craft Version 1.00

September 22, 2014

editor engine FRUA conversion
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Documentation Tutorials Source Code
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DC Editor Package, (with TemplateDesign) Basic Design Tutorial Playable design from Basic Design tutorial
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next release 1.01 October 15, 2014

All bugs submitted by Ocotber 1, 2014 will be considered for version 1.01, consideration given to most critical bugs first. All bugs submitted after that date will be considered for the next release.

At this time, we are planning on official updates coming on the 15th of each month, with cut-off for consideration for that release being the 1st of that same month.

Special consideration will be given to critical bugs, such as Crash to Desktop or Complete Lock-up.

Special thanks to Richard Turner, Paul R. Stevens and Eric Cone for the many hours and many years they have put into this project.